With Best Quality Solar Reception Cell

Make Your World ECO

The Powerhouse

Solar energy is a perpetual & renewable energy source. Sundrop Global harnesses this energy for powering your solar water heaters and many other devices.

The Greenhouse Effect

Everyone is contributing to the global warming effect. Why not pause, think and go for natural source of energy for our day to day needs. Take the first step with Sundrop Global.

Solar Panels

When you commit yourself to developing natural resources, you will be surprised to find it will support local economy, labor and materials.

About Us

In one hour, enough sunlight reaches the earth to meet the energy needs of every person on the planet for one year. The promise of solar energy is no longer a thing of the future, it is here and now. Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy to your home.

Since the last 6 year , we provide our solar service and manufacture or repair solar all items. Our experience team help you to install nature friendly eco solar system. And we successfully  completed 500+ Project over India.   


Abir Sen

Sundrop Global services are really great. I recommended to all use their services.

Mr. AR Pathak

I had an initial hiccup about the project, its feasibility and budget. But once these guys got to work, I knew I took the right decision. I certainly owe it to the world!

Ajoy Sengupta

The gesture was incredible. Today I got my first bill and I have 8 units to Carry forward to next month. Thank you Team

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